Strikes and Spares pf swap for customer - almost done!

Swap a new pf into base game. PF back from cc - Game set up and powered on - preliminary testing to accommodate testing other components delayed until after pf swap. Chimes removed for rebuild. PF removed from game and stripped top and bottom. Cleaning parts and rebuilding mechs. Pf top initially populated. Lamp sockets installed. Braid installed and soldered. LEDs installed.Bottom of pf finally populated. Pf back in game. Chimes installed and power cord replaced. Power supply repaired and connectors replaced. Powered on, solenoids checked good, gi lamps good. Insert lights left and switches good. Re-skinned coin door. Plastics installed. Extra components repaired. All star inserts working, just have to make final adjustments. In final testing now.

Extra power supply - replaced rectifier board - tested good
Extra displays - replaced components - 3 of 4 tested good.
Extra lamp board - verified working 100%
Extra mpu - Converted and tested
Extra driver board - replaced connectors and tested
Extra coin door - tested good

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