Flinstones - restore for customer - Done!

Restore with new cabinet decals and fix/clearcoat playfield. Head stripped, sanded, painted and silkscreened. Cabinet stripped and ready to sand. PF removed and stripped top and bottom. In final stages of clearcoat. Parts back from zinc plateing. Cabinet back from auto paint. Cabinet edges painted, sanded, and decals installed. Mechs rebuilt. Cabinet back together. Pf back from clearcoat. Bottom of pf almost done. Wiring harness re-attached. 1st level of the top almost complete. Pf installed in game and ready. CPU has NVRAM installed. Initial testing complete. Backbox lightboard intalled and color dmd installed. Pf re-assembly complete. Dinosaur lighting mod complete. Dictabird custom lighting mod complete.Additional lighting mods for the houses installed. Final testing almost complete.

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